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July 29, 2018

Shroud is 'Fake' News Based on Faulty Science

Sign from God board member, Shroud author, and researcher Mark Antonacci has responded to the widely reported blood flow study in the mainstream media that proclaimed the Shroud was "fake."

Here is an excerpt from his analysis:

An Unrealistic Approach and Analysis of the Blood Flows on the Shroud of Turin

July 27, 2018
by Mark Antonacci

A recent paper by Matteo Borrini and Luigi Garlaschelli titled “A BPA Approach to the Shroud of Turin” was recently published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences1.  This paper contains the bloodstain patterns from two sets of experiments in which:

1.)  blood from an overhead bag was released through a small thin tube located at the back of the wrist of one of the authors, and which

2.)  blood flows were made on a plastic mannequin by pressure being applied on a small sponge soaked in blood.

From these experimental results, which differ from comparable blood flows on the Shroud of Turin, the authors conclude the blood flow patterns on the Shroud are unrealistic and indicate they were the result of artistry or were faked.  In this article, I will briefly explain how both sets of experiments are flawed in several respects, how the blood flows on the Shroud are quite realistic, and how the authors’ conclusions are necessarily flawed.  All of the comments that I will make about the blood marks on the multiply-wounded crucifixion victim wrapped in the Shroud are supported by decades of research by numerous pathologists, physicians, anatomists, battlefield surgeons, scientists and forensic experts cited throughout both of my below books.

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Read Matteo Borrini et al. A BPA Approach to the Shroud of Turin Article


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June 21, 2018

‘Shroud Scholars Form New Non-profit Organization’

Barrie Schwortz has recently updated his famous site with all the latest Shroud news including an announcement about SignFromGod.

In April I received an e-mail from noted Shroud writer Myra Adams, informing us that a new non-profit organization named Sign From God Foundation had been recently formed that included Myra as Executive Director, Russ Breault as Senior Adviser, Mark Antonacci as Chief Legal Counsel and David Adams as Secretary. Here is a quote taken from their new website: "The leadership of Sign From God Foundation are dedicated professionals who have spent decades studying, speaking, researching and writing about the Shroud of Turin. Now we have come together dedicated and united in the belief that the Shroud of Turin should be utilized as an evangelization tool to bring a new generation to faith in Jesus Christ." In addition, I asked Myra to write a brief introduction and overview of the organization and it's goals, which she kindly provided:

"Announcing Sign From God, a New Shroud Advocacy Organization: The Sign From God Foundation Inc. and its site, is a new 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization promoting the Shroud of Turin... believed by millions to be the actual burial cloth that wrapped Jesus in the tomb, and which is either the greatest hoax ever perpetrated, or it is a deliberate and purposeful sign from God. The mission of "Sign from God" is embodied in its name. If the Shroud is authentic, it exists as a "sign from God" to help people come to faith in Jesus Christ. The Shroud fulfills the New Testament definition of a sign's purpose, which is to inform, warn and convey pertinent information before proceeding, or an indication that action will soon follow..."

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April 17, 2018

Myra Adams on Relevant Radio

Myra Adams and Chuck Neff are guests on the Relevant Radio show, “A Closer Look” guest-hosted by Ed Morrissey. The discussion focuses on their efforts to evangelize the gospel of Jesus Christ by fostering a knowledge and understanding of the Shroud of Turin to the next generation. The segment with Myra and Chuck begins at 30:24.

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Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018

'He is Risen!'- Physical Evidence of Christ's Resurrection?

Sign From God Executive Director Myra Adams published two new Shroud of Turin articles on well-known national news websites during the Easter season.

Exploring the Shroud’s top five mysteries.

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Good Friday, March 23, 2018

Shroud of Turin's 3D Encoded Info --How's It Get There?

Myra Adams interviews famed History Channel graphic artist Ray Downing known for “Real Face of Jesus?” documentary.

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