Mission Statement

The Sign From God Foundation Inc. believes the face of the man of the Shroud is a “sign from God” revealing the Glory of God. Our mission is to utilize the Shroud as an evangelization tool to promote and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially to a new generation, the least Christian generation in recent history.

The facial image of the Shroud as it appears to the eye under normal light.

Parallel to our core mission is educating people about the mysterious Shroud of Turin. We know that the more one learns about the Shroud, the more one understands why this linen cloth continues to baffle scientists. Moreover, learning about the marks on the Shroud leads to knowing about and believing in the “man of the Shroud” – Jesus Christ.

The full Shroud of Turin as it appears on a photographic negative. Vertical orientation.

If, as we believe it is, the image seen on the Shroud is in fact a full body front and back image of the crucified Christ created during the nanosecond before his resurrection – that means the Shroud is physical evidence of Christ’s resurrection. Open your mind to that miraculous concept!  

The Shroud is likely physical proof of the most extraordinary moment in human history. The miraculous resurrection of Jesus is the foundational belief of Christianity. As a result, the life and teaching of Jesus Christ become the greatest positive influence on Mankind.

The possibility of physical proof, created by God for unbelievers, is why we at SignFromGod.org believe that the Shroud has survived to this day – preserved in a secure underground vault in the cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Turin, Italy.

We characterize it this way:

The Shroud of Turin is either the greatest hoax ever perpetrated...


...it is a deliberate and purposeful sign from God.

The Shroud asks us all the same question Jesus asked Peter: “Who do you say that I am?”  

The mission and purpose of Sign From God is to explore the meaning of this question as it relates to the Shroud, Jesus, and to you.

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Shroud Photographs ©1978 Barrie M. Schwortz Collection, STERA, Inc.

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